sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Avatar


sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Avatar

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Uploaded this for ya’ll’s listening pleasure


Ok, here I am with the comics again, I have a bunch of ideas for them. Of course, this is just a sketch, I will make a full color version of this.

After the book 2 finale, I want to draw a lot of fanarts, keep an eye on my blog. 

(BTW, still suffering because Makorra’s re-break up)

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Raava’s voice actor

… also does all the South Park female voices ~_~

Ruined it.

Korra Theories

I think Unalaq has good intentions but is misguided - you saw how Vaatu tricked Wan in the beginning.  Unalaq must have been going to the spirit world to learn the ways of spirits when he found the imprisoned Vaatu.  Vaatu has probably been using Unalaq who has in turn been using Korra to open the portals so Vaatu can unleash chaos on the world and grow stronger.  Still doesn’t explain how Unalaq can turn dark spirits light.. maybe Vaatu taught him.  

The problem with the above is that before Korra opened the south portal there should not have been any way for Unalaq to get to the spirit world… but then, I wonder how spirits were getting through?  Maybe with the convergence near they’ve been able to somehow.

Another note - Unalaq said the portal can only be closed on the solstice o_O I guess either they’re screwed or Korra will use super avatar power to close it.

I love the idea of a dark avatar but honestly I don’t think Vaatu would stoop so low, plus without being able to acquire bending from lion turtles anymore I don’t think a human would be much use to him.

I also agree with some people that Desna will probably turn.  It will probably become a split with Eska, which would be really cool.

I really hope Korra’s personality changes after this event, she’s been so bitchy and mean to Mako this season :( Not that I want them to get back together, but I really hope she finally matures.  If I relived Wan’s experiences myself.. damn, I would be changed!

I really hope Korra is able to connect with Raava :x I’m afraid after all these years she’s been bogged down in avatar memories and isn’t really a sentient being anymore.

<3 Wan x Raava

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"The Beginning" Dreams

Going to write these down before I forget XD

Korra is gone for like 8 months and everyone assumes she’s dead

Tenzin goes to the fire nation where there is this giant ass party and Zuko is there - book 3 hair, kind of hunched over and bored looking, slitty eyes, whites of his eyes are red.  At one point in the dream he does this weird octopus dance.

Apparently Im watching this episode on my computer or something and keep getting interrupted from the episode, so I’m having trouble following what’s happening.

I think Korra is living but she’s only partially conscious, and eventually she realizes who she is and wakes up fully.

There’s also some part about a monster and a band of southern water tribe deciding to attack it. 

Oh yea and Tarrlok came back with a bunch of scars.

It’s like the second episode now and I’m like wtf where is Wan.

Mako/Bolin/Asami/Varrick are pretty much nowhere in this dream.


this is literally the best

And I dont even play that game

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